The Corner Office

“It’s not my job!”  This statement is NEVER heard in our office, unless it’s in jest.  We are blessed with staff members who are committed to our mission and always willing to stretch to help with whatever task or project we have in front of us.  Why?  Because we share values. 
As part of our ongoing effort to strengthen our organization, our administrative staff each chose ten values (from a list of 50) which they feel are most important to St. John’s Community Care.  The results did not surprise me, but reinforced that we have the right people working with us.
The top values in this group’s eyes are teamwork, dependability, empathy, and integrity.  Is it any wonder that families value not just what we do, but the way in which we do it?
We also agreed that, in spite of shared values, we are not all equally good at the same things.  We each took another survey which identified our individual strengths.  This exercise led to much discussion on how we can maximize our efforts by being aware of each other’s specific areas of strength.  For example, those who rank high in positivity (defined as having enthusiasm which is contagious) bring a different perspective to a project than those whose strengths include being inclined to check and double check things to assure they are done right.  Both are valuable traits in and of themselves, but we are a more effective team when we bring both strengths to the table.  And being aware of each other’s strengths can help us assure we use people where than can be most effective – rather than expecting a duck to soar like an eagle!
God has given each of us unique abilities and ways of seeing His world.  At St. John’s, we strive to appreciate each person’s gifts and put them to work where their strengths can make the biggest difference – for the families and clients for whom we care; for our organization; for our colleagues; and for our community.  We are grateful every day that God has sent us leaders who share values and who bring diverse talents.