Home ServicesWe never know what life holds for us.  One day we are living life to the fullest; then the unexpected happens.  We can find ourselves with health issues that cause us to struggle to maintain our way of life and independence.  It’s then we are faced with how to care for ourselves on a short term or long term basis.  Hopefully, if you are faced with a similar situation like either of the two below, you will turn to St. John’s Community Care Home Services for assistance.

     Norma, a senior living by herself, found her eyesight going bad.  She did not want to leave her home since she had lived there for a majority of her eighty years.  Plus, she felt comfortable in finding her way around the house.  It was becoming harder for her to clean the house, write out checks and cook some of her favorite dishes.  An incident  involving setting a towel on fire convinced her that using the stove was no longer safe.  Her only niece stepped in to pay Norma’s bills for her but was not able to help out with the cooking or cleaning.  Norma  contemplated what to do.  After several other minor incidents occurred, a decision was made to hire St. John’s to come into her home and help with the cooking and cleaning.

 Helen and Marvin had been  married for 50 plus years when their life took a turn concerning their individual health.  Marvin was diagnosed with the beginnings of dementia and Helen found herself as his caregiver.  Then a little while later, Helen was diagnosed with cancer.  Helen found she just didn’t have the stamina to care for Marvin and take care of the household duties during her recovery. Family was not close by and she found herself trying to figure out how to manage daily household tasks.  A decision was made to have St. John’s assist with some of the tasks and supervise Marvin so Helen could leave of the house.

     In each case, the decision to use help would prove to have a positive outcome.  Each heard about St. John’s Community Care Home Services program by word of mouth.  At first, both were hesitant about having someone in their home but after talking with a Care  Coordinator, their opinion changed.  They were advised the St. John’s Caregivers go through     pre-employment security checks, are bonded, trained and  supervised by a Care Coordinator.  The clients came to find their Caregivers reliable and compassionate.  Now they look forward to having the St. John’s Caregivers every week.

     When life throws you or someone you know a curve, know St. John’s Community Care is here to help you figure out the puzzle.  Some use our Caregivers for just a few hours a week, while others need daily assistance.  We are also able to provide overnight or even 24-hour care.  Our clients and their families have found using St. John’s a big help.  No one knows better than Norma.  She recently fell and fractured her shoulder, which required hospitalization and rehab.  Thankfully, she was able to return home after rehab due to  increasing her Caregiver hours with St. John’s.