So glad you could make it.

WELCOME to the Love from Lois Giving Society party!

 Click on the picture above to join the party. Be patient. The video takes a little time to open. Turn up the volume and watch the party unfold in this fun video.  For everyone attending there is a chance to win the attendance prize! Just fill out the very short survey below for a chance to win a basket of wine and cheese! There are no wrong answers and everyone who fills out a form will be entered to win. And because you warm our hearts, we want to warm your feet this winter with some yellow (Lois’ favorite color) socks!

We invited you to the party along with the other 40 people who are members of the 2021 Giving Society. Since we are unable to gather safely, we wanted to get to know more about you and to let you know more about the Love from Lois Giving Society.

Many of you know how the society was formed, but if not, it was established in honor and memory of Lois Schoeber.  Lois served on our board for two terms, was a member of our Finance Committee, and gave generously of  both her time and treasure to support our ministries.  She was especially adamant about the need to continue and expand programs to help families cope with challenging caregiving situations.  Our current fund-raising is focusing on the needs of those programs. Giving $1,000 or more during the year makes the donor a member.

Lois’ grandson Matt Langley is carrying on her legacy of service to St. John’s Community Care.  He currently serves on our Board of Directors and starred in the video you just watched.

You are one of 40 Love from Lois members in 2021.  All funds raised through the society go directly to caregiver support programs here at St. John’s Community Care.

You made it possible for us to serve 87 people in 2021 who participated in the monthly support groups, caregiver classes and Memory Cafes!

On behalf of Lois’s family and everyone who benefits from St. John’s Community Care programs, thank you. CHEERS!

I support St. John's because
If we have a wine and cheese social with others in the society, would you attend? There will be no additional donation asks. The event will help us learn more about you and others who support our work and to thank you for your generosity.
Do you know what Lois' favorite wine preference would be?
Lois was known for being a great hostess and baker. What treat was she most known for?
Do you know Lois’ favorite color?
(If you watch the video, Stacy tells you what color socks we are giving away!)