How do you feel when you smell a familiar scent like cinnamon, vanilla, lemon or even peppermint? What scent brings back pleasant memories, decreases your pain, or even makes you hungry for something to eat? We are surrounded by scents all day long but how many of us are aware that scents, in the form of essential oils, can be beneficial to our physical health, mental health, pain management and behaviors.

The use of essential oils for healing has been around for millenia and appear to be making a comeback. The public is now becoming knowledgeable on the topic and finding oils to be helpful. Many individuals are choosing more holistic methods of treatment due to side effects of many pharmaceutical drugs. Aromas from essential oils are used in aromatherapy to help the user feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Your physician, chiropractor or friends may be able to give input on what combinations of oils would be most beneficial for you.

Essential oils may be purchased on-line or in stores. It would probably be helpful to pick up a book on the subject so you could learn how to use them safely. There are many oils to choose from like lavender, peppermint, orange, tea tree, and lemon along with many others. Oils are often referred to throughout the Bible i.e., frankincense, myrrh, hyssop, and cinnamon. There are many ways to use and incorporate essential oils into one’s life. You may want to apply directly to the skin, spray on linens, inhale the scent, or use in bathwater. Oil diffusers are also a good way to fill a room with a pleasing scent or to use for healing purposes.

Is there a scent that draws you to want to relax and slow down for a moment or just puts a smile on your face?

Some find peppermint oil a tool for relieving headaches and muscle pain. Lemon oil may lift you up when you’re down. One just needs to experiment with a variety of oils to see how they bring a positive change to your life. You may start off as a skeptic but end up finding you do not want to be without them.

Your loved one’s behaviors can be difficult at times for you. In challenging times, having an arsenal of trusted techniques to turn to can be a lifesaver. If loss of appetite is a worrisome behavior, incorporate the scent of lemon or vanilla to entice one to eat. Maybe lavender in water could coax one to feel like they are at a spa, so it becomes easier to do personal hygiene. One could always put together a favorite blend of oils, in a diffuser, to use while reminiscing on a specific memory. How relaxing would a hand massage with warmed oil be for your loved one? Finding the right scent for both of you could be made into a fun time.