Tom and Cheryl Mines

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St. John’s has been wonderful! They are doing saintly work. When you love someone you want the best for them.When mom started having a few issues, I started checking out options. I really felt like a parent trying to find a trustworthy babysitter for a child. You don’t just hand off your child to anyone… because they cannot report.I am really fussy. I just want to know she is taken care of the way I would take care of her. Making sure she is safe, loved and treated with dignity. I found that kind of care with St. John’s Adult Day program. I can continue to work and take care of my personal needs while mom attends the program.I appreciate all the thought that goes into the program. They have entertainment, games, exercise, arts & crafts, and lots of social stimulation. All of these therapies are created to be fun experiences that are valuable to keeping her engaged and certainly add quality to her life. I love knowing she is “part of the family” at St. John’s.It makes my heart happy to know her time left here on earth can be meaningful and loving. I could go on and on!When you deeply love your parents, you want the best for them. I am so blessed to have a place like St. John’s so I can relax.Tom and Cheryl Mines