Barbara Highlander

My prayers were answered when I was referred to St. John’s Community Care.  I had to find home care for my mentally challenged brother who could not walk well or speak.  I had a full time job and needed someone for 9 hours a day 5 days a week. I tried several other home care facilities before St. John’s and they did not work out.  The day I met the caregiver director from St. John’s, I knew it was the one.  I have been using St. John’s for home care for over 12 years.  They have made my life so much easier and my brother continues to be happy with their care. In 2011 my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  It was determined that he could stay at home but needed to attend a day program to keep his mind active.  St. John’s was there to help me again.  He enjoys the activities and seeing all the friends he has made since joining the group.  In addition to the care services, they also provided me with additional resources that give me more balance and hope.  I cannot say enough great things about St. John’s Community Care and all their services.  It is like being part of a caring and loving family.