Alzheimer’s Support Group

Alzheimer’s Support Group— Collinsville Tues.,  Feb. 12 & March 12 1:30—3:00 p.m. Join others dealing with dementia and memory loss at St. John’s Community Care in Collinsville. Sessions are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Complimentary care for loved ones available with reservation. Call 618-344-5008

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Family Support Group – Edwardsville

Family Caregiver Support Group—Edwardsville Wed.,  February 20le, 2019 6:30—8:00 p.m. This support group is intended for family caregivers caring for loved ones with any type of disability. Join us at St. John’s Community Care in Edwardsville. Sessions are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Call 618-656-7090

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Family Caregiver Support Group – Collinsville

Family Caregiver Support Group Join other caregivers for fellowship and support at this meeting. This support group is intended for family caregivers caring for loved ones with any type of disability.  This group is hosted by the Director of the Adult Day Program and meets in the St. John’s Community Care conference room in Collinsville [...]

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The Lost Art of Relaxation

BY DAVID PIEPLOW - contributing writer - A guy goes into the doctor’s office and says, “Doc, I keep having these alternating, recurring dreams.  First I’m a teepee; then I’m a wigwam; then I’m a teepee; then I’m a wigwam again.  It’s driving me crazy.  I can’t get any sleep and I’m a nervous wreck.  [...]

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Adventures in Aging: “The Blessings of Aging”

BY DAVID PIEPLOW - contributing writer An elderly farmer in Florida had a large pond next to his fruit orchard.  One early evening, he decided to go down to the pond to pick some fruit.  As he neared the pond, he heard joyful female voices giggling and laughing and shouting.  As he came closer he [...]

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Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle

By Patti Haddick, Director of Home Services – The holidays are stressful for any adult but when you add the stress of caring for a loved one, it can be overwhelming. There are decorations to put up, cookies to bake, gifts to buy, and if you add taking care of a frail loved one, it seems unmanageable.  [...]

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Insight Into Repetition

By Gail J. Shaw, Home Services Care Coordinator -  Members attending our Alzheimer’s Support Group discuss many different types of challenges they have in caring for their loved ones with memory loss. Two of the challenges most discussed have been their loved one asking the same question over and over and then not remembering or [...]

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Good Balance Is Important

Have you ever felt dizzy, lightheaded, or even thought the room was spinning around you? It can be troublesome and, if it happens often, it could be a sign of a balance problem. Having good balance means being able to control and maintain your body’s position, whether you are moving or remaining still. If you [...]

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