Summer time and the living is easy!!! It’s easy when you attend the adult day program at St. John’s. We try to make the day easy, fun and stimulating.

The weather has been so beautiful; we have been able to step out into our courtyard. The fresh air, breezes and the quiet sounds of nature make it so enjoyable. Whether the participants are taking a stroll, admiring the attractive flowers, pulling weeds, or just conversing and relaxing, we definitely value the glory that God provides through nature’s beauty.

Celebrating our Cardinal Day game

In April we celebrated the Cardinals opening day with cheering the Cardinals on. We all wore our Cardinals red, ate popcorn, pretzels, and peanuts. We do not miss watching a Cardinal Day game.

At the end of April we presented our musical presentation “Holiday Fun” to the Learning Tree Preschool and the large crowd of family members, volunteers and other supporters. Our audience is growing each year. The participants and staff are so pleased to see such support. We had a lot of fun preparing and practicing for this program. Diane Stewart took the lead with the help of all the staff to create this fun and lively program. All the participants had special parts in the program. Michelle, Chad, Jeff, Jane & Gerald each contributed their own entertaining style. Even the staff had a few special performances. Thank you to the three year old children from Learning Tree for being a great audience.

The next day we celebrated our success with a Happy Hour. We served Margaritas and Mojitos (Crystal Light) with chips and dip. We danced to the music to commemorate the hard work and diligent practicing we did for so many months! It paid off and the results were very rewarding.

I would like to thank our MSW student intern from SIUE, Laticia, for her work at St. John’s. Laticia is eager to learn and has an innate ability to connect with our participants. Laticia will be graduating in August 2012. We have provided a wealth of experience in the field of gerontology. We wish her the best in her future endeavors. We would like to welcome a new volunteer to the program, Chelsea. She is a student at SIUE in the field of speech pathology. Chelsea will be joining us once a week. The participants thoroughly enjoy sharing their lives with the younger generation.

Presenting our musical

At the beginning of my article, I shared the wonderful value of our courtyard. We are pursuing a future addition to the courtyard. Steven Rasp, an Eagle Scout, approached us with a project. He would like to build us a raised garden. Steven is working on the design, features, materials and funds to bring this project to fruition. A raised garden was discussed during the original planning of the courtyard. We thank Steven for thinking of us and wish him well on his Eagle Scout project. If you would like to donate funds for the materials, please contact Stacey Rhodes.

Lastly, I want to ask all participants’ family members to bring in a baby picture for our Baby Week in June. We will try to match the baby picture to the participant, vote on the cutest baby and have fun reminiscing on the stories of our childhood. Be careful, you may find the staff’s baby pictures in the mix! You never know…we might have some real babies stop in for a visit, too!