Stacey Rhodes, Adult Day Programs Director

Stacey Rhodes, Adult Day Programs Director

Stacey’s Grapevine  Happy New Year!  With a new year comes new beginnings St. John’s is preparing for exciting new beginnings.  We are pleased to announce the opening of our long awaited second location for our adult day program in Edwardsville.  This means changes: new staff, new participants and families, and new programming.

One of our new additions is Rhonda Pierce, our beautician.  Rhonda served as a substitute for Debbie McCary.  When Debbie was unable to continue the service, Rhonda eagerly agreed to be our beauty stylist.  Every Wednesday Rhonda brings her gentle touch and expertise in beauty and style for our participants.  We thank Debbie for her years of service to St. John’s and  welcome Rhonda.  If anyone is interested in receiving hair services, call for details.

Another addition to the adult day program is Art Therapy.  We welcome our first art therapy student from SIUE, Joanie.   Joanie began January 9th and will be with us until May.  She has been developing relationships with our participants.  She is leading small groups and working individually with some participants.  She brings a wealth of ideas.

Joanie will be displaying some of the art work completed by the participants at our “Surviving Caregiving Conference” on Saturday, April 13 at St. John’s Community Care in Faith Hall.  Mark your calendars to attend this event.  Joanie is with us two days per week.  She will also be working with participants at the Edwardsville site. Our program thrives on participant and family support.  I want to thank each of you that shared kind thoughts, cards, cookies, and candies during the holiday season.  The staff is grateful to families for bringing your loved one to be part of the St. John’s family.

We would like to give a special thank you to the Whitehead family for donating the balloon artist to entertain us.  What a special treat!  Mike from Way Cool Balloons kept the participants and staff mesmerized for almost two hours.  He patiently answered our questions as he diligently created a balloon sculpture for each participant.  We  watched eagerly as he created a 3 foot palm tree with a monkey hanging on it, a snow globe, and a pregnant poodle.  These are just a few of his incredible creations.  The     Whiteheads also treated the adult day staff with a dinner for our monthly staff meeting.  We certainly appreciate the kindness and support from all our families!

One of our participants wrote a poem that makes us feel so good about life here at the ADP:

My friends are all the people

At St. John’s Community Care.

They are members of a family

That is unique and rare.


Yes, we are a family,

As you can plainly see.

We care about each other.  

We are the same, you and me.


We are all a little spacey;

Our better days are past.

We may have seen our better days.

We hope our health will last.


So teachers and students,

We’ll be at our best,

Till the end of time

And then we’ll all rest.


So when you wake up,

Just say a prayer,

For everyone at

St. John’s Community Care.


Author Mary Kurtz, age 73, has been a participant for about 15 months.