These are the dog days of summer. It’s definitely hot outside but the Adult Day Program is the coolest place to be! Our goal is for each participant to have a fun-filled and socially interactive day. The sounds of laughter fill our center the majority of the time! I would like to share a couple of stories that had a very satisfying effect on me.

Daisy is our biggest Cardinal Fan

I overheard a conversation between two of our female participants during lunch. Sally was explaining to Erma that she was going to increase her attendance at the adult day program to three days instead of two. Sally expressed she really liked coming to be with others. Erma stated, “I like coming here because they know who we are and they accept us the way we are.” Wow! Erma’s statement blew me away. On that same day, I was eating lunch at a table of all men. We were discussing the best times in our lives. Each male participant shared their feelings about retirement, family, etc. But Jerry told me the best times of his life were now. That statement was very intriguing, so I asked, “What makes these the best times of your life?” Jerry shared these were the best times of his life because he was able to come to the center and spend time with his friends every day. Again, Jerry’s statement made me feel very proud that I am the Director of St. John’s Adult Day Program. I have a great team of talented, knowledgeable, and caring staff. Each staff member brings skills and

experience that helps them to understand that the world of dementia can be frightening and difficult. Having empathy helps us connect with each of our participants.
We also hear many comments from our families expressing their appreciation for our services.
Here are some of them:
“Having my husband at St. John’s has made such a positive difference in our lives. Having him participate in the day program during the week gives me the chance to take care of running the household. It allows me to more fully enjoy my social time with my sister. Otherwise, I would be so exhausted and drained and nothing would be enjoyable.”
“I am very thankful to know my husband is in excellent “hands” when at St. John’s. My husband enjoys the interaction with staff and other participants. He looks forward to his days there.”
“I was able to leave my mother with people whom I felt were very capable of taking care of her needs. The day program allowed me to continue working without having to worry about my mom during the day and I was able to keep her at home. I did not want her to go to a nursing home.”
“The care, concern, and quality of your program are outstanding. What you all give to my mom not only gives me peace of mind but you provide the variety and stimulation for her that I cannot even begin to give. Thank you very much!”
These stories are important to share because families are always surprised that they didn’t know about adult day services before their initial inquiry. The common statement I always hear is, “I wish I would have known about adult day services sooner.” My return comment is, “Adult Day Services are the Best Kept Secret.” Please help us spread the word about the benefits our program provides for both the participant and the caregiver.