Madison County Sheriff’s Office PIN Sticker Program Participant Registration Form

You can fill out and submit the form below to receive a sticker.

The form will be emailed to Capt. Kris Tharp.

Madison County Sheriff’s Department
405 Randle St., Edwardsville

St. John’s Community Care will not collect any personal information or solicit anyone who inquires about a the P.I.N. Sticker Program. This is a free program and is voluntary for anyone who feels it would benefit their family or loved one living with Alzheimer’s/Dementia / Autism / Epilepsy / Diabetic / Vision Impaired / Service Animal / Hearing Impaired / Other/Not Listed.

To learn more read or watch more about the program here –

Madison County Sheriff’s program aids residents with communication barriers (

Madison County sticker program underway for residents with communication barriers (