My family has chosen St. John’s not once, not twice, but THREE times to care for us.
My dad’s illness lasted for many years. St. John’s starting helping us in 2011. He was the decision maker in the family, so Mom needed some help when Dad could no longer make decisions. He was diagnosed with Lewy Bodies dementia and from there it was a downward spiral of events. After he was able to come home from a medical emergency, he still needed physical therapy to work on walking. My family knew Mom could not manage him on her own. We called St. John’s Home Services and had Caregivers come in 24 hours a day 7 days a week to care for Dad. They helped to bathe and dress him. They also helped with feeding him and other daily living tasks. It was exhausting at times. I was trying to help but was working full time. Having the St. John’s Caregivers at stay all night certainly helped me and my mother get needed rest. My mom was able to continue to clean and prepare meals for the family. My dad passed away in 2011.
Then my mom’s health starting shifting and she was no longer able to care for herself. She was still able to help with the laundry. She LOVED to fold the towels. Our Caregiver Cindy helped my mom take her baths and she also made sure that the house was kept clean and did the grocery shopping for us. That was a blessing.
Cindy our Caregiver was getting ready to bathe my mom and noticed that her skin was different and that it was starting to break down. We had Hospice come in for her last few days here on earth. Mom passed away in the comfort of her own home in June of 2018.
My health has deteriorated over the last few years and now I have St. John’s assisted me with grocery shopping and cleaning. I have known the ladies at St. John’s for years and they are certainly like an extension of family for me. I believe the ladies at St. John’s have a lot of grace and compassion when it comes to their ability to care for people who are aging or disabled.