Staying socially and mentally active is good for the brain!

St. John’s Community Care, is hosting an ON LINE monthly Memory Café for individuals who are living with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), early-stage Alzheimer’s or other dementia, and their care partners. Contact Gail at or call (618) 298-8077.

Messages from Memory Cafe Participants:

It is something we can do together. It is fun, opens up conversation between us we both get some social time with others. The Memory Cafe’ is fun and stimulates his memory ( sometimes for several days). I realize I can do similar things to stimulate his memory but I don’t always do it on my own. So Memory Café gives us the opportunity to have a whole hour with each other and have fun, too. 


Gail, thank you for your time and monitoring the Memory Café. My Father-in-Law, Clarence, normally has an attention span of a few minutes, and today he showed real interest in joining the conversation.


Groups will meets every Wednesday from 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Groups will meet online via ZOOM.

The Memory Café offers participants a safe and fun way to share their stories and socialize with others who have similar experiences. “We are delighted to be offering a Memory Café and helping people to be able to socialize with others, so they do not feel isolated.” said Gail Shaw, Dementia Care Specialist – Coordinator Training & Support for St. John’s Community Care. For more information, call (618) 298-8077.

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What you will need to participate

1) a device that allows you to see and hear others
2) have an email address and download
Zoom to your device.

Virtual programs can be done on computers with appropriate camera, iPhone, iPad or any smartphone.

Need a way to connect? St. John’s Community Care can supply a GrandPad. A limited number of Pads are available for clients or family members who need a way to connect to information virtually. These pads are extremely simple to use. We are sure we can all agree when it comes to technology, less frustration on the user end makes for a more enjoyable experience. That is exactly what we are hoping these pads provide. These pads offer games, internet access, email capabilities and more!! Please connect us to anyone you know who would benefit from access to a pad for an extended period of time to stay connected to their loved ones, take a virtual caregiver workshop, or participate in a Memory Café. Encourage them to contact us at 618-344-5008 or get their permission for St. John’s staff to contact them. We provide the pad, internet services (WIFI), and instructions for use in person and in writing. Anyone can borrow a pad, but there is a deposit that we keep until the pad is returned. There is no charge for the internet or the pad. You are welcome to contact us or the person in need of the pad to check on availability or to ask any questions you may have.

The Memory Café is funded by AgeSmart Community Resources with funds granted through Administration for Community Living and Illinois Department on Aging. AgeSmart is a local Area Agency on Aging that promotes healthy aging by providing information and resources people need to age well their way.

The grantee St. John’s Community Care is in compliance with TitleVI of the Civil Rights Acts and operates with financial assistance from AgeSmart Community Resources, the Illinois Department on Aging and the United States Administration for Community Living. St. John’s Community Care does not discriminate in admission to programs or activities or treatment of employment programs and is in compliance with appropriate State and Federal Statures. If you feel you have been discriminated against, you have the right to file a complaint with AgeSmart Community Resources by calling 618-222-2561.

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