Veteran Mr. B., a recent Adult Day Participant

Honoring Veterans All Year Long!
St. John’s welcomes and supports Veterans in being eligible to VA benefits for our Adult Day Programs and Home Services. St. John’s has been a VA provider for more than a year. The Department of Veterans Affairs offers various programs and services for Veterans. Each of their services has qualifying factors so it is necessary to contact the eligibility office (314-652-4100) or refer to the website

To receive benefits at St. John’s a veteran must be enrolled in the VA health system. You make the request for an assessment for Adult Day Health Services or Homes Services. The physician will approve the veteran for eligible number of days and transportation costs for adult day services. The physician will approve services for care in the home. VA pays St. John’s directly. Families do not have to make a payment to St. John’s. This benefit provides health, social, and support services so the Veteran can continue to live in the community.

Another VA program that is helpful to the veteran or their surviving spouse is Aid and Attendance Benefit.

As a general rule, to qualify for the Aid and Attendance benefit, a family’s assets cannot exceed $80,000. However, the primary home and vehicles can be excluded when determining net worth. It is also worth noting that this benefit differs from Medicaid’s “look-back” at an applicant’s past asset transfers up to 5 years preceding their application.

Another qualifying factor for Aid and Attendance is the veteran must be considered a “wartime veteran” meaning they served at least 90 days and served at least one day during specific wartimes but not necessarily in combat. Veterans cannot be dishonorably discharged.

The VA does not put restrictions on how these benefits can be used. They can be applied toward skilled nursing, assisted living, in-home or adult day programs or to modify the home to accommodate for a disability.

The VA application can be long and confusing. The processing can take up to 6 months. The VA provides Veteran Service officers to help with questions. They are very valuable and can help when you reach a road block in completing the application. The Veteran Service Officer to contact in our area is Michael McGovern at 233-5140.

Another valuable resource is a book, “Checks for Vets” by Joseph Scott McCarthy. The cost is $30. This book is a guidebook providing sample application forms and letters, tips for locating discharge records, and resources, etc.

All these program offered by the VA are ways to honor veterans and their surviving spouses. St. John’s Community Care is proud to be one of the providers. Let St. John’s be your first call when you need assistance with all your caregiving concerns.