By Patti Haddick, Home Services Program Director:
St. John’s Community Care is a top-notch agency, both in the quality of service we provide to our clients and in the quality of the Caregivers who provide these services. When hiring Caregivers for St. John’s we look for people who have the heart for caring and compassion. Often we notice this from the way they present themselves in the interview. Sometimes applicants have done this type of work before and talk fondly of their former clients or of how they cared for a family member who went through a health crisis. We are lucky to have been blessed with this wonderful group of Caregivers.


Another aspect of St. John’ s Home Services is that Caregivers often tell their own family members how good it is to work for St. John’s. Caregivers know that the Care Coordinators/Supervisors will hear them if they have any problems with clients. The Care Coordinators hear their problem & then offer some suggestions of methods to try or maybe call the client’s family and ask for suggestions.


Providing a good working environment has brought us a few Caregivers from the same family. We have had some husband and wife and some mother and daughter Caregiver teams. The old saying is, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” In these cases we are glad that this is true!


The same “family affair” is also true for a number of our clients. St. John’s has served a number of families where originally we helped Mom and later returned to assist Dad through a health crisis. We know that this is because these families have come to expect high quality Caregivers and excellent care from St. John’s. We also know, from hearing from former Clients, that our Caregivers are some of the best. They care with their hearts and souls as one would a beloved family member, making St. John’s truly “a family affair” in many senses of the phrase.


If you are looking for the best in Home Services for yourself or a family member, call Patti or Gail at 344-5008 for a Care Consultation. They would love to provide you with a member of St. John’s family of Caregivers to assist you or your loved one.