As you can tell from reading our newsletters, St. John’s has several programs to assist individuals or families caring for a loved one.  What may not be as apparent to some is the fact that our programs work together.  More and more families are taking advantage of using several of our programs to meet the challenges of caregiving.

As Care Coordinators, we are asked to put together a schedule to assist an individual to remain at home.  Most Clients start off only needing our Home Services program.  As we come to better understand the Client’s situation, it becomes obvious they could benefit from using a combination of our  programs.  We talk to the Client or the family about all the programs St John’s has to offer and other options outside our agency.   Families are very happy and sometimes surprised to hear about options and how we’re flexible with combining programs to meet their need.

One example families have been using involves having the Home Services Caregivers come in and help the Client get up and ready for the day.  Then the Caregiver will bring the Client to the Adult Day Program.  Lois, a family caregiver, has found this combination of programs to work well for helping her care for her son with memory loss.  She stated it has really relieved her worrying about how to  provide care for him on days she works.  The mornings are now not so stressful and Lois can go about enjoying the rest of her day.

Another family used a combination of programs to meet their need in caring for mom at home.  St. John’s started out by               providing care in the home.  It became apparent that Marge could use a walker and bedside commode from our Medical      Equipment Loan Program.  As Marge’s Alzheimer’s became worse, the family saw the need to increase their knowledge of how    Alzheimer’s affects the individual and family.  The family found themselves attending the St. John’s Alzheimer’s Support Group meetings.  From attending these meetings, the family came to realize the need to incorporate using the St. John’s Adult Day Program.  St. John’s Caregivers then started to come in and get Marge ready for her day at the adult day center.  Marge’s family was very thankful for being able to use all these St. John’s programs which allowed them to keep her at home longer.

Flexibility and options allow St. John’s to meet our mission of making a positive difference in the lives of people challenged by aging or disabilities.  Can we help you meet the challenges of caring for a loved one at home?  If so, call us and we will meet with you to   discuss options.