Have you ever been caught off guard when someone asks you what they can do to help you? Most of us say thanks but don’t take them up on their offer to help. It could be you are just not sure what it is that they could do, or you feel like you are imposing on them by asking for help with a specific task. Well, here is a thought on how you can turn those offers into respite hours for yourself. You know it is important to take time for yourself, and what better way to do it and still get your list of to do’s accomplished!

Make a list of things you feel comfortable with if a family member or friend is willing to help. Here are a few examples:
Cook dinner for us once a month.
Pick up groceries twice a month.
Watch the person in your care for two hours on a weekend. Come over for one night to talk. (Feel free to add to this list…it’s endless.)

Once you have a list, you could copy it and have it handy.  When people ask you can pull out your list and ask them which of those things they feel comfortable doing. Providing them with options that are relevant and manageable tasks will help you, and they will feel good for being able to assist you with your needs.
If you have enough family and friends, you might be able to accumulate hours to fill an entire day of respite each and every week (an hour at time). Don’t forget, respite can be achieved on a daily basis with the smallest of commitments. And, respite does not have to be found outside the home or take the entire day. Just having someone to visit your loved one for a few hours while you take a long bubble bath counts, too.

“J” is for
Jesus for He has first place, “O” is for
others you meet face to face, “Y” is for you, in
whatever you do, Put your self third and spell JOY!