The Corner Office – Director’s Report

Our June/July Community Care newsletter’s theme is senior safety.  It’s full of tips and reminders. After 24 years of leading St. John’s Community Care, I believe our culture’s emphasis on independence is the greatest threat to the safety of individuals whose age or disabilities compromise their ability to cope with everyday tasks.  Too [...]

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Road Trip! Traveling with Aging Parents

from Aging Care Considering taking someone in your care on vacation? Here is a quick list to check off before you take off: Get doctor’s clearance. Consult with the loved one’s primary care physician before booking any travel to discuss these issues: Your parent's abilities and limitations? Special vaccinations? Are there medications or supplements to [...]

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Stacey’s Grapevine

Summer time and the living is easy!!! It’s easy when you attend the adult day program at St. John’s. We try to make the day easy, fun and stimulating. The weather has been so beautiful; we have been able to step out into our courtyard. The fresh air, breezes and the quiet sounds of nature [...]

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To Eat or Not to Eat – That is the Question

Nutritionists agree that a healthful diet includes a variety of foods. Food choices also can help reduce the risk for chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancers, diabetes, stroke, and osteoporosis, which are the leading causes of death and disability among Americans. But for seniors, certain foods may pose a significant health    hazard because of [...]

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Malnutrition in Seniors

The Journal of Clinical Nursing reported that as many as one in six people who live by themselves at under-nourished or at risk ofmalnutrition. The 75-year-old group was followed for 4 years. In the 3rd year, 11 percent were at risk for malnutrition, and in the 4th year, 18 percent were at risk.  So the [...]

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Dehydration – Dangers and Signs

When fluid consumption is sufficient older people tend to have fewer falls, improved rehabilitation in orthopedic patients, and a reduction in bladder cancer. Drinking 5 or more 8-oz. glasses of water a day is also associated with lower rates of fatal coronary heart disease. Dehydration in the elderly is not just caused by inadequate fluid intake. [...]

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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) A UTI is the most common cause of quick onset confusion in the elderly - seems strange, but it's true. UTIs frequently go untreated as the elderly might not report symptoms that a younger person with a UTI would have. Typical symptoms of a UTI include: a frequent need to urinate, [...]

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