Adventures in Aging: “The Blessings of Aging”

BY DAVID PIEPLOW - contributing writer An elderly farmer in Florida had a large pond next to his fruit orchard.  One early evening, he decided to go down to the pond to pick some fruit.  As he neared the pond, he heard joyful female voices giggling and laughing and shouting.  As he came closer he [...]

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When is it Time to Limit Driving or Give Up the Keys?

BY DAVID PIEPLOW - Contributing Writer As an adult child, there may come a time when you realize that your older loved one simply cannot safely or confidently drive an automobile. They may pose a serious danger to themselves and others when they get behind the wheel. What do you do? What should you say? First, [...]

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Relationships matter when dealing with aging and dementia

By Gail Shaw, Home Services Care Coordinator - It’s exciting to be celebrating our 30th anniversary. During this time, we have formed many relationships with individuals, families and other organizations. These relationships have helped our Home Services Program grow over the years. Family caregivers have found that it is not always easy to get their [...]

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Caregiver Support Groups

St. John’s support groups provide opportunities for families and friends to discuss their concerns and uncertainties, as well as find resources to help regain a sense of  balance and hope. We also provide information about helpful coping techniques and resources to make your job as caregiver a little less stressful. The sessions  allow you to [...]

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The Corner Office – Milestones by Nancy Berry

Working with older people has many rewards, among which is enjoying their tales of significant events in their lives.  Some – like the depression or World War II – are universal for those who lived through those times.  Most are much more personal – first day of school; death of a sibling, parent, or spouse; [...]

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Tablet designed for loved ones suffering from memory loss

Tablet designed for loved ones suffering from memory loss Here’s a product you don’t see every day—a tablet designed specifically for senior citizens.  The Memo Touch is designed as a reminder tool for those who struggle with short-term memory loss, and can be used to deliver gentle cues when its time to take a  medication, go [...]

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