The power of smell – Essential Oils in Caregiving

How do you feel when you smell a familiar scent like cinnamon, vanilla, lemon or even peppermint? What scent brings back pleasant memories, decreases your pain, or even makes you hungry for something to eat? We are surrounded by scents all day long but how many of us are aware that scents, in the form [...]

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Connections Matter Try a Support Group – Even If You Don’t Want To

Connections Matter Try a Support Group – Even If You Don't Want To Are you caring for a person living with dementia? Feeling alone?  Overwhelmed? Give our support group a try.  There’s no charge and no commitment to attend regularly – although regular attendance will help you in ways you do not yet appreciate.  Not [...]

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Stress Busting Retreat: Learn Practical Strategies for Caregivers and Receive Much-Needed Support

Taking on the role of caregiver for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s comes with a unique set of stressors. With your full-time job, your commitment to family and community projects, your own social life – not to mention dealing with a pandemic – adding compassionate caregiving into the mix requires an incredibly difficult [...]

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6 Tips for Caregivers During the Holidays

6 Tips for Caregivers During the Holidays Christmas carols, a roaring fire, a table spread with delicious food, family smiling around the tree. This idyllic scene is the image that movies and advertisements tell us we should strive for every year. Only this isn’t reality, is it? Yes, there may be a tree and music [...]

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Celebrating Family Caregiver Month in November

Reaching out for help is not selfish. We’ll say it again because sometimes all the amazing caregivers out there need to be reminded. Reaching out for help is not selfish. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else. Being a caregiver is hard. The role comes with a lot [...]

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Caregiving…….Can I do it alone?

We may not all be as talented as the balance artist, but we can use our own inner resources and the help from others to attain steadiness in our lives. Providing care to someone in need may be one of the most important roles one will ever fill in a lifetime, yet it does not [...]

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The Dangers of Social Isolation – And What You Can Do About It

Loneliness and social isolation were widespread problems long before the phrase “social distancing” was introduced into our daily vocabulary. But it’s fair to say that the pandemic has heightened and complicated the issues. We’ve all felt it at some point in the last year and a half. If you think about it for less [...]

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The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

By Gail Shaw, MPA Coordinator of Training & Support Dementia Care Specialist   The connection between the mind, body, and spirit is a strong one. Think about this connection for a moment. When do you feel, or have felt, at your very best? I bet the picture you have in your mind revolves around a [...]

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How To Talk To Your Loved One About Memory Issues: A Guide For Caregivers

How to Talk To Your Loved One About Memory Issues: A Guide For Caregivers For the fifth time this week, your dad is searching through the closets for an old chess board that he donated to charity three years ago. Things like this have been happening a lot lately, and you know it’s finally time [...]

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Let the sunshine in! Face it with a grin!  Open your heart and let the sunshine in!

By Missy Athmer, Marketing Director I want to share that I know, as a family caregiver, fear often travels on my shoulder. I don't want to be as flip as to say that you will never experience fear, but to remind you that fear is just an emotion. One that can be calmed if we [...]

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