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Caregiver Specialist

Caregiver Specialists are SJCC staff members who have worked in this field a long time, but who also have been caregivers themselves.  They have been there and can provide one-on-one assistance to link you to services to help meet the needs of you and the person you are caring for. Every situation is different, and Caregiver Specialists can help you customize a plan for the person you are caring for.  You can start the process by taking the online Assessment.

After completing the online assessment, the Caregiver Specialist will call and set up an appointment with you to fully discuss your current situation and needs as a caregiver.  (this blurb is currently under Caregiver Resources and we can delete it from there and use it here instead.)

A Caregiver Specialist will then help you to make a Care Plan, looking at both the needs of your loved one and yourself.  This plan will help you prioritize things so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.  The Caregiver Specialist will help connect you to any resources that may make your life easier and can also just be a listening ear in a tough time.


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