St. John’s Community Care is excited to offer a positive and engaging program for people facing early memory loss. Brain Wave is a comprehensive approach designed to encourage participants to use their brains in new and innovative ways. Integrating physical, mental, creative, and social activities, our aim is to help participants find a renewed sense of hope and independence even as they deal with early memory loss.

“People living with memory loss are uniquely impacted by participating in early memory loss programs. We are extremely happy to be able to offer this valuable program. It’s really an optimistic and assertive way to approach and aid people with early memory loss. Programs like this are a beacon of hope for those struggling to understand and cope with their situation,” said Linda Robertson, Brain Wave program facilitator.

In the Brain Wave program, our experts will work with each individual and their caregiver to identify the specific goals they would like to reach. Some of the areas that our participants focus on are memory enhancement, brain dominance, remembering names, fostering independence, and building self-confidence.

In addition to learning and sharing with fellow participants, there will also be tools provided for practice at home. Whatever goals you set with your facilitator, Brain Wave is a wonderful way to foster health and vitality of the brain – a crucial piece of the puzzle when dealing with early memory loss.

Registration and participant interview for the Brain Wave program are required to enroll in the sessions. For more information or to schedule an interview, please call Stacey at 618-344-5008.

“It’s important that we talk to everyone before the sessions begin to establish a successful outcome for each individual.” said Rhodes, Adult Day Program Director. She went on to say, “We hope that everyone who participates will leave each of the sessions with a renewed sense of purpose and a positive new way to access their independence.”

The Brain Wave program uses the Illuminate Curriculum, developed by the University of Wisconsin. Sessions are held at St. John’s Community Care located at 222 Goethe Avenue in Collinsville.

My husband Bill was diagnosed in May, 2018, with mild dementia, possible Alzheimer’s.  In August, 2019, I learned of the Brain Waves program at St. John’s and immediately called them.   When it started in September, Bill had a new group to meet and be part of.   And while he had his group, I was able to have some respite and do the necessary things to keep us all at home.   He also had the opportunity to visit at the day program to enjoy the activities and programs.    Besides his being in a safe, protective, and stimulating environment, I took advantage of the seminars available to learn more about the disease and share experiences.   St. John’s not only cares for your loved one but cares for you.   They even provided information on Bill’s benefits from the VA.  I would not have made it this last year without their kindness, knowledge and support.   Thank you, St. John’s for all your programs and support for our loved ones. -Beth Reidelberger

Fill out the form here for more information or to have someone call you about enrolling in the program. There is a minimal fee to participate.

RRF Foundation for Aging and Madison County Mental Health Board provide funding for Brain Wave.

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