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Brain Wave

RRF Foundation for Aging and Madison County Mental Health Board provide funding for Brain Wave.

Early Memory Loss - Brain Wave

Brain Wave

    Discover Hope and Independence with Brain Wave Early Memory Loss Program at St. John’s Community Care

    St. John’s Community Care is excited to offer Brain Wave, a positive and engaging program for individuals with early memory loss. Carefully designed to integrate physical, mental, creative, and social activities, Brain Wave aims to encourage participants to use their brains in innovative ways and rediscover hope and independence despite their condition.

    Customized Goals and Tools for Practice

    Brain Wave is a personalized program where our experts work with each individual and their caregiver to identify specific goals and needs. We offer tools for practice at home to help achieve these goals, including memory enhancement, brain dominance, remembering names, fostering independence, and building self-confidence.

    Registration and Interview Required

    To enroll in the Brain Wave program, registration and a participant interview are required. We use the Illuminate Curriculum, developed by the University of Wisconsin, and sessions are held at our Collinsville location. Call Stacey at 618-344-5008 to schedule an interview or for more information.

    Experience a Renewed Sense of Hope and Independence

    Brain Wave is a beacon of hope for those struggling to understand and cope with early memory loss. It’s a wonderful way to foster the health and vitality of the brain, regain a sense of purpose and independence, and improve overall well-being. Don’t miss the opportunity to join our program and experience a renewed sense of hope and independence.


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