Aging INSIGHT with Stacey Rhodes, Adult Day Program Director By Missy Athmer

An Adult Day Program with specialized care can be the perfect way for your loved one to get the care, supervision and social interaction that they need while you get the time that you need to work or meet other family obligations.


If you are caring for a loved one challenged with arthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, traumatic brain injury or multiple sclerosis, we offer Adult Day Programs in Collinsville and Edwardsville. Your loved one will receive a personalized care plan filled with fun interactive activities that are implemented by trained staff and our RN. If you’re on the fence about enrolling your elderly loved one in Adult Day Program, we would encourage you to come for a tour. Here are a few reasons why: We know that one of the things people miss the most once they retire or become ill is a sense of purpose, a reason to get up in the morning. Spending day after day at home alone waiting for family or friends to come by can be isolating and can leave your loved one at risk of developing depression. Enrolling your adult loved one in an adult day program can restore a sense of purpose to their lives and give them a reason to be excited about getting up every day.

Older adults need mental stimulation and often they don’t get enough. Activities, crafts, games, special entertainment, and just being around other people can help your loved one exercise their mental muscles so that they will stay sharp and alert longer. Studies have shown individuals that don’t get enough social interaction lose their mental faculties at a much faster rate than those that have social relationships.

Many older adults are capable of staying in their own homes longer if they have periods of supervision. It’s being alone 24 hours a day that makes them more likely to have an accident in the home. Getting out of the house and being in a supervised setting with others gives them a sense of belonging and chance to remain independent longer.

Adult Day Program benefits health & nutrition. We have an RN on staff at each of our locations. They ensure your loved one is monitored and given prescription drugs when required. When your loved ones are attending an adult day program you can be confident that they are getting at least one hot nutritious meal each day, plus snacks!

Respite for you ‐ Don’t feel guilty about needing time for yourself. It is not healthy for you to be the only support for your elderly loved one, especially if you have a job or a family of your own at home that needs you. It’s ok to say that you need time for yourself. The adult day services option can give you the opportunity to work all day without having to stress about whether or not your elderly loved one is safe. The Adult Day Program also gives you the freedom to take care of any errands or other family obligations that you have. Or you can just take time for yourself and sleep, relax or spend time with friends to restore your own mental and physical health.

Don’t wait another day – we don’t want you to say “I wish I would have known sooner”. Come uncover this secret for yourself and help your loved one remain independent longer!