By Patti Haddick, Director of Home Services – The holidays are a time for reconnecting with family and friends.  Daughters and sons come to Mom and Dad’s house for Christmas and families go to visit Aunt Rose and Uncle Bob.

Not only do these visits allow families to reconnect with their loved ones but they also give families a chance to realize the challenges their family members are having due to aging.  Maybe Aunt Rose’s dementia is preventing her from keeping up with the cleaning and is also causing her to wander.  Mom’s bad back keeps her from safely taking a bath or shower on her own.  Uncle Bob may no longer be safe to drive due to his failing eyesight.

After noticing these new needs, families often look at lots of options to help their loved ones.  Should Mom and Dad move to Assisted Living or move in with a son or daughter?  Should Uncle Bob place Aunt Rose in a Memory Care Facility?  St. John’s Home Services can often fill these needs either for short- term, while options are being explored and weighed, or for the long-term because some seniors have saved for this “rainy day” and would rather age in place, in their own home.

St. John’s Home Services can provide respite for Uncle Bob.  Caregivers will stay with Aunt Rose to keep her safe and happy so that Uncle Bob’s buddies can pick him up for donuts and coffee.  St. John’s Caregivers can help with the chores around the house because caring for a loved one with dementia often leaves a spouse too overwhelmed and tired to do the day-to-day housekeeping.  The Caregivers can also cook a good meal for Uncle Bob and Aunt Rose to enjoy later in the day.

Caregivers can help get the towel, washcloth, soap, and get Mom into the shower and wash her back and feet…the areas she can’t easily reach.  They will help her get out of the shower safely and put non-prescription lotion on Mom’s back and legs.  They will then clean the bathroom after the fact.  This is a blessing for anyone who has compromised mobility and energy levels.  And who doesn’t like to be pampered with sweet-smelling lotion after a warm shower!

St. John’s Caregivers are caring individuals who love helping others and receive ongoing training for this type of work.  Caregiver references are checked before they are hired and they receive a fingerprint background check through the Illinois Department of Public Health.

If you see a need after your Christmas visit home, give us a call at 618-344-5008.
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