BY MISSY ATHMER- Marketing Director –

Being active and staying engaged socially can help in a wide range of ways,  from improving your physical strength and enhancing your memory to preventing depression.

St. John’s Community Care believes in the benefits of keeping active. We take great effort to make sure participants in our Adult Day Program and clients in Home Services are active—mentally and physically.  We believe it is one of the main reasons our clients can continue to remain independent.

“We might take someone out on a sunny day for a walk and talk, just so he or she doesn’t have to be in their home alone all day”, said Patti Haddick, Director of Home Services.  She went on to say, “ Our service allows that one-on-one relationship that keeps people engaged and healthier physically and mentally.”

“We have multiple activities daily in Adult Day Program. All types of stimuli and therapies help keep people active and it’s always quite the social scene. You’d be hard pressed to find any place else in the area that cares for aging and disabled that can offer as many activities as we do,” said Stacey Rhodes, Director of Adult Day Programs. “We have even had people come back from a facility setting to our center, just for the activities. They knew their loved one was just sitting all day by herself at the facility, and she was declining. They decided to bring her back to St. John’s where she is engaged and happy again,” said Rhodes.

We know that encouraging exercise and activities to your loved one can help prevent physical and emotional problems, such as depression,  and memory decline.

Seniors who “sit around” most of the time can suffer from atrophied muscles, difficulty breathing and walking, unsteady balance, and poor blood flow. St. John’s is here to help your loved one remain active and engaged, in fun, caring ways. Something as simple as taking a walk or putting together a puzzle while reminiscing with a Home Service Caregiver or listening to great tunes and dancing with friends in the Adult Day Program.  Don’t worry, we accommodate all abilities and we do have chairs for those who prefer to do a chair dance!