Aging INSIGHT with Patti Haddick, Home Services Director
By Missy Athmer   – 

Holidays are approaching. Visits to the family homestead will bring many warm feelings and also realization that your mom and dad can no longer live as independently as they used to.
We all want our parents to have the security and independence of living in woman at doortheir own home. Many older people find it difficult to admit that living alone is no longer easy. This is why it is so important for family members to be aware of the signs that all is not well so help can be offered when needed. It might not necessarily be time for your parent to move out of their home if you start seeing these signs, but it could indicate that they need some extra help.
New Health Issues: A fall, illness or other health problem can be a wake up call for you and your parent, particularly if they are experiencing a slow recovery. Coming home from the hospital or rehab is a good time to discuss options for them to have assistance while recovering.
Daily Tasks Are Challenging: Difficulty coping with everyday tasks such as getting dressed, cooking, and doing laundry might indicate your parent needs some practical help.
Changes In Gait Or Walking: You may notice your parent shuffling feet, holding on to things or looking increasingly frail. Their appearance has changed—losing or gaining weight—it might be a sign they need more help.
Loneliness: Loss of spouse or friends. If your parent appears lonely when you talk, if they have not been participating in activities they once enjoyed, they may benefit from having a Caregiver visit regularly or attending our Adult Day Program.
Poorly Maintained House: Difficulty keeping up with the housework or unable to change bedding and do the laundry might indicate that your parent needs more help.
An Unhealthy Diet: The kitchen is usually a good indicator of your parent’s ability to cope. If it is not clean and a variety of fresh food choices are not available, it might indicate that your parent needs help with shopping or cooking.
These are just a few of the signs that might indicate your loved ones needs assistance to remain independent. If we can help provide resources or Caregiver assistance, call 618-344-5008.