Nancy Berry, CEO

Nancy Berry, Executive Director

The Corner Office  February 18, 2013, marked the beginning of a new phase of  service for St. John’s Community Care as we launched our Edwardsville Adult Day Program!  We are very excited, as are a number of families who have also been waiting for this valuable service to be available in Edwardsville.  Located on IL-157 in the retail center behind Bella Milano Restaurant, this site is easily accessible for residents of Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, and the northern part of Granite City (via I-270).  Parking is plentiful and the building is fully accessible for those with mobility challenges.  The layout is different than our Collinsville Adult Day Program space, but has appropriate rooms for large group activities, dining and crafts, individual and small group happenings, and napping, as wellas offices for our nurse, Program Director, and receptionist.  We invite everyone to join us at an open house or to arrange a tour by calling 656-7090.  We look forward to showing you around and hope you will connect us with families who can benefit from the  support we offer every weekday from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm.

We have all our staff members in place.  We are blessed to have experienced Adult Day Program staff choosing to move to the Edwardsville location.  Readers who know our staff will recognize Jessica Stout at the front desk, Karen Take and Tara Viviano working with participants, and our own Stacey Rhodes, Program Director  (Stacey will retain management responsibility for both Adult Day Program locations, but will be spending a great deal of time in Edwardsville as we get started.  Lois Clark, one of our staff RNs, will transition into the position of Collinsville Program Coordinator to assure we maintain its happy, active character.)

Linda Davis, RN, has agreed to be our   Edwardsville nurse.  While Linda is new to St. John’s, she has worked in a variety of nursing roles during her career, including  Adult Day and hospice.  We look forward to the contributions she will bring as we grow in Edwardsville.

We who live and breathe St. John’s Community Care, including our staff, governing board, and numerous volunteers, thank our many, many donors for helping us achieve this opportunity to serve additional families who need compassionate, positive care for their loved ones disabled by Alzheimer’s disease, other causes of dementia, developmental disabilities, and physical  impairments. There are a lot of necessary expenses  involved in expanding this program to another community.

We are very grateful to our landlord, who has worked hard to make this space affordable and suitable to our needs, but the process of securing space in the commercial world has reminded us of the 28 years of ongoing support from the congregation of St. John Evangelical United Church of Christ, without which we could never have reached this point.

We are also grateful for the support of our grantors and donors whose generosity in response to our grant applications, fund raising campaigns, and our annual Golf Tournament makes it possible to stretch our resources.

I would be remiss to end my article without reminding readers of our Home Services Program, which launched St. John’s Community Care and continues to care for 60 individuals living in ten  communities in Metro-East.  This individualized, one-on-one care enables clients to remain comfortably in their own homes, which include houses, apartments, and independent living facilities.  Our Caregivers also stay with patients in the hospital or nursing home when they need constant attention and reassurance which the medical staff cannot provide.  Most often this is care provided overnight for individuals who are very disoriented and traumatized by being away from familiar surroundings.  The quality of our Caregiver staff is enhanced by the fact that many of them have worked with us for many years.  As we celebrate our growth, it is vital that we remember why we work so hard to make it happen.  That reason is summed up by the final sentence in our mission statement:  We live the vision of Christ and His love for all people through our actions and words. We thank God for the opportunity to live out our faith in meaningful ministry to our brothers and sisters of all faiths and walks of life.