Insight To Repetition

By Gail J. Shaw, Home Services Care Coordinator -  Members attending our Alzheimer’s Support Group discuss many different types of challenges they have in caring for their loved ones with memory loss. Two of the challenges most discussed have been their loved one asking the same question over and over and then not remembering or [...]

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Honoring Veterans After Veterans’ Day by Stacey Rhodes, Adult Day Director

Veteran Mr. B., a recent Adult Day Participant Honoring Veterans All Year Long! St. John’s welcomes and supports Veterans in being eligible to VA benefits for our Adult Day Programs and Home Services. St. John’s has been a VA provider for more than a year. The Department of Veterans Affairs offers various programs [...]

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The Corner Office – Director’s Report

Our June/July Community Care newsletter’s theme is senior safety.  It’s full of tips and reminders. After 24 years of leading St. John’s Community Care, I believe our culture’s emphasis on independence is the greatest threat to the safety of individuals whose age or disabilities compromise their ability to cope with everyday tasks.  Too [...]

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