Compassionate Caregivers

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By Gail J. Shaw, Home Services Care Coordinator –
  The St. John’s Community Care Home Services program provides individuals and their families with caregivers to assist those in need in the client’s own home environment. The Caregivers are really the heart of our in-home service! They are the ones that truly make the positive difference in the lives of our clients and their families.
As a licensed home services agency, our caregivers can assist or provide feeding, personal care, housekeeping, laundry, cooking, transportation, shopping, medication reminders, transferring, and toileting needs. They can also aid with making and handling phone calls. All of these daily living activities are being done while providing companionship and, for some, much needed supervision.
Bonds of friendship are created between Clients and Caregivers.  It is this bond that provides a way for our Caregivers to make a difference in their client’s lives. The Caregiver’s compassion comes through in the quality of care our clients receive. The Caregiver wants the best for their clients and will figure out a way to make it happen.
One of our younger client’s life was changed recently in ways he could have never expected. He was staying in the home his parents built and having problems maintaining it. The microwave had stopped working and his 63-year-old gas stove only had one working burner. It had become hard for him and his caregivers to fix meals. The Caregivers’ compassion led them to find his family for help.  Family, who lived several hours away, were contacted and became involved in making it possible for our client to get all new appliances. His family had not been aware of his situation.  When they found out about his needs, they were happy to help him out.
Over the years, we have had clients whose desire was to stay in their home for as long as they possibly could. St. John’s Caregivers accomplished this by working together, as a team, to provide the necessary services to clients wanting 24-hour care. Being able to make that dream a reality for our clients has helped clients and their families keep a promise made long ago.
Many St. John’s clients live with memory loss. Our Caregivers are trained and educated on how to work with these individuals. Caregivers are encouraged to find ways to interact and engage each of their clients. Caregivers have been known to bring puzzles, coloring books or books that could be read to the clients. Some Caregivers pamper clients with spa days. Mostly though, the Caregivers are good listeners and love to hear their Clients talk about their life.
Our Caregivers have huge hearts and want to take care of their clients, as they would care for their own loved one. Families know their loved ones will be well taken care of and have a better quality of life by using St. John’s Caregivers.
If you have a loved one dealing with the challenges of aging or disabilities, maybe our Caregivers could help. To see how the hearts of our Home Services can make a difference in your family, call us at 618-344-5008.